Sleep Disorders

Can I benefit from a home sleep study?

The answer is YES!


  • Lower cost, about 10% of an in-lab sleep study.
  • Increased comfort from sleeping in your own bed wirelessly.
  • Improved health with results and therapy options, all in less than a week.

Some benefits of a A to Z Sleep home sleep study test:

  • Our home sleep testing is covered by Medicare and almost all major medical plans. A trip to a sleep lab may cost you a high co-pay and deductible.
  • Our home sleep study test is a new, low cost, patient friendly wireless device that is worn while you sleep in your own bed at night. Your sleep data is reviewed by a certified sleep technologist and then interpreted by your physician or your sleep specialist. You physician will then recommend the appropriate therapy.
  • Our home sleep test provides a better profile of your breathing during sleep by allowing you to be studied in your normal sleeping environment.
  • Our home sleep study device is worn on your forehead, and is usually worn for one night. The small size allows the device to be comfortably worn in al sleep positions, and even notifies you with voice prompts that you are wearing it correctly.

For more information call: A to Z Sleep Center at (386) 423-0505 x1235